Are you an Instagram user? Instamate is special because there is no other web based software able to search for the most popular content and videos on this platform. It can likewise modify, upload, schedule as well as monetize the details. There are over 400 million Instagram users that are considered active.

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Each day, more than 70 million images are shared on the platform. In addition, the vast bulk of the leading brands worldwide are currently actively engaged on Instagram. The engagement on Instagram is much higher than on Twitter or Facebook, thus making it possible to obtain a big amount of leads within a relatively shorter amount of time. Instagram is the place to be for finding leads then making conversions.

These being stated, it’s hard to believe there are still marketers who don’t include Instagram in their strategies.

The reasons may be multifold. Some can be:

1. The need of publishing solely from a mobile phone, Instagram being a mobile app.

2. Setting up posts for the future is a extremely manual treatment, since even the iPhone app does not let you automate it.

3. The difficulties of handling more than one account at the same time.

4 - You need other software application or apps to edit your images, in addition to monitor the trending subjects on the site.

5. In order to find out what works and exactly what does not work, experimentation is your only choice.

All of these problems can be fixed as soon as you start making use of Instamate. If you check out, you’ll rapidly find that there’s only one software particularly for Instagram that can find the trending and popular content within any niche you search for and do so in less than a minute. Best of all, all you have to do is enter in your specific niche, keywords, or hashtag and let Instamate do the rest. The software application searches for material with the prospective to go viral in the future by looking at its past history. Once it locates the material, you can immediately publish it.

With Instamate you can also edit the material with its incorporated editor. You can get niche hashtags actively trending on the Twitter and Instagram platforms. You also have the capability to either post material instantly or schedule if for later to one or perhaps multiple Instagram accounts with simply one click of a mouse. This Instagram Suite is everything you have to entirely automate your Instagram account. With proper care, you can even leave it on autopilot, allowing for some great prospective passive income.

Never again struggle with synching pictures to your own phone, editing using third-party apps, or having to set alarms to advise yourself that you need to post Instagram content. Instamate is your personal viral material publishing machine.


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