Having something, like content or a video, become hugely viral is the coolest thing to happen to an IM marketer. All marketers desire to create content that will be popular and become shared all over the net. Practically all marketers associate viral traffic with huge quantities of, usually, short lived traffic. Of course, nobody knows an exact formula for creating viral content. The only thing people can try to do is put something out there that really grabs people’s attention, then you promote it everywhere you can. Sometimes you’ll see unusual products, or services, that can have this affect on people. Of course, perhaps you’d like to know how you, too, can do that? Keep on reading to learn what you can do to increase the chances of your content becoming a viral traffic machine. InstaViral 2 Review http://goo.gl/uv1EP4

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Once you get people’s attention, work like crazy to keep it. You want people to keep returning to you. Make some kind of follow-up to anything that remotely resembles viral. This gives all of those new viewers and readers a reason to keep coming back. Once you go viral you cannot slack off because doing so will only guarantee you ‘flash in the pan’ status online. Obviously you’ll have the opportunity to turn all your new traffic into buyers. So when you go viral, just know that lots more work is in your immediate future.
Don’t let a lot of time lapse between your first InstaViral 2 round of viral content and your next release. Avoid stalling on things by telling people ‘new sales prices coming soon,’ or anything like that. This means increasing your production volume and frequency because you don’t want your new fans to get bored and move on. So you should know what people will do if you make them wait too long before something new happens. After you’ve set things up, like maybe an ezine, then you can think about relaxing a little. But before that happens, you’ll need to work on this almost every day.

Let people share with others the new product that you gave them for free. In order to get the interest of people that are not currently subscribed to your work, write a free newsletter that has a ‘share this with others’ link at the end of it. Make sure your best content is put on the front page of your blog at no charge. Offer free products or a hour of your shop’s services in a giveaway coupon. By allowing people to print two or more coupons that they can send to their friends, will get more attention and new customers.

Remember, that you can’t predict what will happen with viral marketing. You can only take steps to make sure that as many people see your content as possible.

You’re only half way there even if you do create quality products, quality content and do your best. People must know of your existence and what you are offering in order for you to win this game. Using these hints and tips could help your chances by quite a lot.

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