Affiliate marketing is one the easiest ways to make money online. There are lots of affiliate marketers out there who have made millions from nothing. The reason for its success is that it’s easy to get started with and there are no huge requirements in terms of setup cost, complex websites, shipping, customer service, etc. You only need to create a simple website that has your affiliate’s link on it and then you need visitors who are interested in what you’re offering. But when it comes to actually setting-up an affiliate website, there are few that come close to Rocket Builder. This is a Wordpress based theme that will make it very simple to get your affiliate website up and running. Usually these are landing pages people have customized. Using this system means you don’t have to have much technical knowledge.

Here are just a FEW of the amazing features found in Rocket Builder...

  • 75+ DROP DEAD Gorgeous Website Designs Ready to Install on Your Website in just 1 CLICK.
  • Ready to Use eCommerce Shop Templates - Start Your Own Online Store!
  • WooCommerce Integration!
  • 1 CLICK Color Changing - Rapidly Change the Look of Any Website in 2 Seconds.
  • Super Easy to Use Drag & Drop Page Builder - Create the Perfect Website for You or Your Clients with ZERO Coding or Design Skills
  • Build Custom Layouts and Save Them as Custom Templates to Use On Other Sites Over and Over Again – HUGE TIME SAVER!
  • Full Page VIDEO BACKGROUNDS on ANY website and ANY Page - Use ANY Youtube, Vimeo or Self Hosted Video as the Background on Any Page of Your Website!
  • Captivating 3D Animated Slider Content to PULL your Visitors in and Make Them Take Notice
  • 189+ Built in Web Design Elements like Call to Action Buttons, Countdown Timers, Price Tables, Testimonials, Video Boxes, Google Maps and more...
  • Custom Branded Google Maps - This is VERY COOL and is the Perfect Addition to ANY Local Website
  • Powerful Local SEO Engine - Easily Rank for Your Top Search Terms
  • Attention Grabbing “Parallax Scroll Effect” - This one will set you apart from the rest and make sure your visitors take notice!
  • Built in Translator and Multilingual Ready - translate into any language and use in ANY country
  • Creates beautiful – fully responsive and retina ready designs. Never lose another visitor again!
  • FREE Lifetime Updates & Personal Support
  • Built in “Maintenance Mode” & Coming Soon Pages Protect Your Image by Hiding Your Website from the Public if Your Website is Under Construction OR Undergoing Changes.
  • Hundreds of Built in Marketing Related Icons Available at the Touch of a Button

Rocket Builder is a handy tool that comes with six eye-catching page layouts that help you in testing out your landing pages to find out which one’s converting the best and making you the most money. Successful affiliate marketing is all about tracking/testing everything you do so that you don’t waste your time. The code that works behind Rocket Builder is not complex in any sense and is pretty flexible.

It’s possible to change any aspect of the pages you create in a few seconds. The other thing is that you can choose between lots of different colors so that you can decide on the one that gets people to respond the most. You’ll also be making more than one page so you’ll be able to see which color works best for your specific audience. Do not Get Rocket Builder confused with other site builders you may find when searching on the internet. For affiliates, it can’t be beat when it comes to customizing it and targeting specific groups of people. Just know that its application is more for basic sites, as it won’t help you create complicated websites. But it’s a perfect solution for anyone who is looking out to create well designed landing pages that you can promote via Google Adwords and other PPC services. You are even able to create a review site that will display various affiliate items. So if an affiliate business is something you’re looking to create, you can’t go wrong with Rocket Builder.

Rocket Builder has been specifically designed for affiliate marketers who are looking out to get the best out of their campaigns. Marketers can make the landing pages look however they want, thus saving time which can be better spent making the business grow.

Affiliate marketers looking to make more of a profit and make their business grow will like Rocket Builder because it’s a must have for any affiliate campaign.


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